3 Ways to Build a Side Hustle From Pet Ownership

A woman playing with her dog in the backyard

Building a side hustle is all about finding some way to make a little extra money that works well with your lifestyle. Some people sell their hobby craft projects. Some people book their weekend time to do enjoyable chores for neighbors. For pet owners, a side hustle is more accessible than you might believe.

Your fellow pet owners in the neighborhood are often in need of kindly and personal pet care and are willing to pay for their precious pet's comfort when they cannot care for the pet themselves. As a pet owner, you are in a unique situation to both understand the needs of your neighbors and to combine caring for their pets with caring for your own with a tidy fee to boot.

Here are three clever ways to get paid doubling up on pet care as a side hustle.

1) Neighborhood Dog Walking

Do you walk your dog around the neighborhood on a regular basis? Even if you don't, your dog would love this opportunity to sniff out the local fire hydrants and you can turn regular walkies into a surprising profit. Dog walking is a long-standing tradition for a pleasant side hustle. There are plenty of city dog owners who don't have the time or energy to give their pooches the exercise they need.

Many owners know their dogs need walking and are willing to pay someone else to take care of it. Sometimes, this is due to a busy schedule or infirm owners, and sometimes because the owners will be out of town while the dog stays home.

You can plan your own dog walking route to include pick-up, walkies, and drop-off of neighbor pets for fun and profit. Not only do you get a nice walk out with your dog, you also get paid for walking your dog with a new pack of friends.

2) Drop-In Pet Sitting

Another on-the-go option for a pet hustle is drop-in pet sitting. Many pet owners who go on vacation or who are out of the house all day appreciate someone dropping in on their pet to feed and check on them. From dog owners to bird owners, there are often several drop-in pet sitting jobs to be found in any city.

Depending on your route and the customers you connect with, drop-in pet sitting can be an incredibly easy way to make a few bucks on the side from an easy and fun bonus job. In most cases, all you have to do is visit a home, feed and play with a pet for a few minutes, and roll on. Some owners will offer extra or bargain for a certain amount of playtime, a walk, or additional pet care tasks as well.

The key to drop-in pet sitting as a side hustle is to build a convenient and profitable visiting schedule into your routine. This ensures that the pay is well worth the time you spend. Just a few minutes and a few scruffles can turn your commute or daily walks into a profitable extra source of income.

3) At-Home Pet Daycare

Finally, there's the most involved and least out-of-your-way option: taking in additional pets. When loving pet owners go on vacation or business trips, they often don't like the idea of leaving their dog or cat locked in a commercial kennel. They would much rather house their pet with a loving pet-owning family where there are other pets to play with and a home/routine that are welcoming to the type of pet they own.

If you are a dog owner, for example, you can offer a loving dog-friendly environment to act as a vacation doggy daycare and kennel alternative. You put down an extra bowl of kibble in the morning and take an extra dog for afternoon walkies and your dog makes a new friend, all for a fee the owner is happy to pay. By opening your home as a limited pet daycare, you also can save neighborhood pets from the unhappy experience of being kenneled for days or weeks at a time.

Offering a home pet daycare isn't just limited to dogs. You can take in any kind of pet that your home is welcoming for and that you know how to care for. From dogs and cats to babysitting a neighbor's tropical fish. The key is only to take in as many pets as you can handle during the days you schedule.

If you already own pets and dedicate time to their care, there is a side hustle market just waiting for you to join in. Pet owners everywhere would prefer their pets be cared for by someone who is a loving pet owner themselves. They are more comfortable trusting their pet's care to a fellow pet-owner rather than a commercial kennel or service. You can earn a few extra dollars regularly just by extending the care you already take for your own pets during walks or even hosting one or two additional pets in your home.